Coyote Creek Proposed Development Layout

Coyote Creek Development Context Map

Coyote Creek

Coyote Creek Challenges

Key Community Benefits of Coyote Creek

  • 5 acres of new public parkland (20% of site) replaces private pay golf course land
  • Network of dedicated public trails promotes healthy lifestyles & sustainable transportation
  • 325 homes (townhomes, duplexes, apartments) provide housing diversity & addresses missing middle
  • Rental apartment provides housing options for Surrey residents & includes affordable housing (5% of apartment units to be rented at 20% below market)
  • Onsite daycare supports Surrey’s families
  • Daycare, retail, rejuvenated golf course & clubhouse, and project construction create jobs
  • Upgrades to Green Infrastructure Network and local creeks improve ecosystem
  • New 77th Ave extension helps relieve local traffic patterns; traffic signal improves road safety
  • Community consultation driven redesign includes reduction of density by 61 units, expanded park land, increased green buffer for neighbours, reduced apartment height (5 storeys to 4)

Overcapacity at local schools: help is on the way with $13 million earmarked to add 365 seats in Fleetwood schools   

Traffic: 77th Ave extension reroutes 30% of Fleetwood Enclave traffic from passing Sequoia Ridge Community. Development adds estimated 184 trips/hr (AM Peak); 237 trips/hr (PM Peak).

Key Coyote Creek Proposal Information:

Housing Choices

Anthem is proposing a diverse range of Coyote Creek housing options including duplexes, townhomes, and apartments. With a floor area ratio (FAR) of approximately 0.59, the proposed density aligns with many of the current single family neighborhoods in the area. For example, the Sequoia Ridge development has a current FAR of 0.50. Furthermore, the SurreyCares Community Foundation’s Vital Signs report (click here to access the reports) indicates that a lack of housing choices has caused a huge challenge for the city, severely impacting a wide swath of the community.

The proposal for Coyote Creek includes:

46 Duplexes

Two-storey, four-bedroom homes offering park front living. Coyote Creek Duplex Homes are approximately 1,650 – 1,700 sq.ft. with an attached 2 car garage and private backyard.

Coyote Creek

Coyote Creek

219 Townhomes

The three-level Coyote Creek townhomes come in a mix of 2, 3, and 4-bedroom varieties, ranging from approx. 1,200 sq.ft. – 1,700 sq.ft. with attached one and two-car garages.

60 Rental Apartments

A four-storey mixed-use rental apartment building will be the gateway to Coyote Creek. 5% of the rental units will be affordable units to be rented at 20% below market rates. 1 and 2-bedroom homes will range from approximately 550 sq.ft. to 950 sq.ft., with generous private balconies and patios and secure underground parking.

Coyote Creek

Environmental Priorities

Anthem is working with independent professional consultants Diamond Head Consulting, Phoenix Environmental, and Envirowest to conduct environmental assessments and produce a biophysical analysis of the Coyote Creek site.


Subsequently, the proposal by Anthem includes the following environmental designs:

  • 30 m setbacks on both banks of Bear and Sequoia Creeks (City of Surrey policy: 15 m), measured from Top of Bank;
  • 25 m setback on Lower Coyote Creek, and 7 m on Upper Coyote Creek;
  • Enhancing Lower Coyote Creek to a Class A(O) waterway, allowing it to be a fish-bearing creek for most of the year;
  • Removing industrial chemical application from 24 acres of golf lands;
  • Dedicating 20% (5 acres) of lands to the City as public park land in perpetuity;
  • Cataloguing and identifying existing trees on site to ensure healthy and high value trees are retained, and providing significant new mature planting.
  • Calculating critical root zones for retained trees to prevent damage during construction;
  • Expanding Sequoia Ridge Parkway to a variable width of between 59 ft to 108 ft.
  • Expanding and improving the safe movement of wildlife through the Green Infrastructure Network (GIN).

Supporting Local Business

Through the redevelopment, Anthem will be adding 4,000 sq.ft. of new, neighbourhood serving retail and services in the area. 50% (2,000 sq.ft.) of the retail space has been earmarked for a daycare with its own private outdoor space. It is projected that some 10-15 new jobs would be created as a result of the new daycare and other retail uses.

The proceeds from the land sale will allow Eaglequest Golf to reinvest $2.5 million in their golf course and facilities. This reinvestment will also allow the golf course to retain their current staff and add up to an additional 25 new employees to help better serve the redesigned course and clubhouse. During the proposed development’s 3-year construction phase, further job creation is anticipated with 100-150 new full-time construction jobs onsite.

Coyote Creek Local Business Support

Accessibility and Permeability

The site at present is a privately-owned golf course which requires users to pay for access to the greens. If approved, the proposal by Anthem will add 5 acres of public park space and greenways to the community, and will connect Fleetwood Enclave with 152 St via a light controlled intersection with the proposed 77 Ave connector.

Accessibility Coyote Creek

Other ways Anthem is seeking to improve accessibility and permeability include:

  • Improving the Sequoia Ridge Pathway to allow better pedestrian and cyclist experience;
  • Adding a right in, right out entryway at 77 Ave instead of 80 Ave which extends through to Fleetwood Enclave;
  • Aligning sightlines for better view corridors and community safety as per Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) principles;
  • Promoting alternative modes of transportation through multi-use pathways along 152 St and 77 Ave;
  • Preparing the neighbourhood for connection with the upcoming LRT station through a sheltered bus stop close to the intersection of 152 St and 77 Ave;

Frequently Asked Questions

Isn’t the Eaglequest golf course part of the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR)?

While the southern portion of Eaglequest golf course falls within the ALR, the portion which Anthem is proposing to redevelop does not.

Why are you allowed to develop on public park land?

This site is neither public nor parkland, it is a private golf course. The City of Surrey does not include private green space as park land, and as such, the City has zoned this 24-acre parcel for suburban development. This zoning would restrict Anthem to building large lot single-family homes. Anthem is seeking to change the zoning to allow for a variety of housing options, and to support increased park land dedication, and the proposal will be subject to the City’s development approval process.

This proposal has been developed with the intention of providing a positive contribution to the City’s 5 Planning Challenges as identified by the City of Surrey’s 2013 Official Community Plan (OCP). The below lists the 5 Planning Challenges found in the City of Surrey’s 2013 OCP (click here to access the OCP in full; the 5 Planning Challenges are from pages 20-25) and how the proposed development intends to address these challenges:

  • Accommodate continued population growth by proposing a compact, pedestrian-friendly neighbourhood that “maximizes the efficient use of urban land in order to accommodate the approximately 2% [growth in population] per year over the next three decades” (OCP,2013).
  • Match population growth with business development and employment opportunities by reinvesting into the golf course, providing a redesigned course and upgraded facilities which may see up to 25% increase in employment at Eaglequest Surrey.
  • Reduce reliance on the private automobile with a new network of trails and multi-use pathways, including the greenways along the 77 Ave Extension and 152 St. The overall layout of the proposed redevelopment emphasizes walking and cycling, connecting residents to Fleetwood’s park lands.
  • Ensure a resilient city in response to rising energy costs and changing climate with a “compact urban form which reduces the required extension of infrastructure” (OCP, 2013) and its sensitivity to existing creeks and high-value trees, the proposed plan seeks to create a more complete, sustainable neighbourhood.
  • Serve the increasingly diverse needs of Surrey’s population by proposing a variety of housing types including duplexes, townhomes, and apartments, creating opportunities for young families and seniors who “require new forms of housing…in order to allow them to remain in their neighbourhoods” (OCP,2013).
What are you doing to address traffic?

Anthem is working with the Planning and Engineering Departments at the City of Surrey and, through City staff, with Translink, to determine the best way to manage any potential traffic concerns. Their input and recommendations guide the design of roadways within the development, and as a result, Anthem is proposing:

  • A new connection between 154 St and 152 St, as envisioned in the Fleetwood Enclave Infill Plan, through an extension of 77 Ave. The intersection between 152 St and 77 Ave will include a new traffic light to regulate local traffic patterns;
  • A sheltered bus stop at 152 St and 77 Ave will provide easy transit access and connectivity for the neighbourhood;
  • Approximately 4,916 feet of new pathways and connections, designed with cyclists and pedestrian connectivity in mind, with the intention of creating an environment promoting alternative transportation modes.

Anthem has also retained the services of Bunt & Associates, a professional transportation engineering company, and consulted with a cycling advocacy group to ensure the adoption of appropriate cyclist friendly design in the proposal.

What are you going to do about the overpopulated schools in the catchment?

As a part of redevelopment, Anthem will contribute a School Site Acquisition Charge which directly contributes to the future purchase of land for schools in the City of Surrey. Anthem has also met informally with the Surrey Board of Education to identify and better understand the circumstances of the local schools in the catchment area. Surrey is a fast-growing municipality, and as a result, the vast majority of its schools could benefit from expansion and additional seats. As part of the 2018-2019 5-year capital plan, two schools in the Fleetwood area, including William Watson Elementary in the immediate catchments area, have been earmarked to receive significant upgrades totaling a shared $13 million towards the creation of 365 new seats. As the Provincial Governments works towards its commitment to providing hundreds of millions of dollars to school upgrades, the School District can use additional tools, such as the adjustment of school catchment boundaries, to mitigate capacity issues and help better distribute school populations during periods of growth.

We also would note that it would be several years before any new residents would be moving into our proposed development, allowing the School Board further time to continue with their ambitious capital program.

Have you engaged with the community?

Yes, Anthem has met with many local community stakeholders, including the strata councils of the Sequoia Ridge gated community to the east, two private meetings with its residents, users of the golf course, as well as several local non-profits. Anthem also held a Public Information Meeting open to the general public on May 24th, 2017. Anthem has since made the following changes in response to community input:

  1. Removed 61 units (16%) to reduce density of development;
  2. Reduced the height of apartment building from 5 to 4 storeys;
  3. Converted the apartment building to rental housing;
  4. Replaced second apartment building with townhomes and amenity building;
  5. Added more retail;
  6. Included 2,000 sq.ft. of daycare space with a dedicated outdoor play space;
  7. Improved road alignments to maximize views through the site;
  8. Included feedback for cyclist friendly design guidelines throughout the site;
  9. Enhanced privacy with a new fence between the Sequoia Ridge Parkway and neighbours with gated access between the new park and strata homes;
  10. Increased park dedication to 21%;
  11. Retained and enhanced existing golf pond;
  12. Created a new landscaped strata park with retained views to the west; and
  13. Doubled the Sequoia Creek setbacks to 30m.
What is the process timeline?

We are currently awaiting the final stages of the municipal review process, and are hopeful that we will be at a Public Hearing in early 2018.

What is your anticipated buildout timeline?

We are expecting an approximate 36-month buildout following final municipal approval.

What’s going to happen to the golf course?

The golf course at Coyote Creek is wholly owned and operated by Eagle Quest Golf. Should Anthem’s redevelopment proposal receive Council approval, Eagle Quest Golf has committed themselves to reinvesting the funds from the land sale into redesigning the golf course, as well as the club house and its associated amenities.

When is the Public Hearing?

On January 22, the City of Surrey Council forwarded Anthem’s application for 7778, 7858, and 7902 152 Street for a Public Hearing on February 5. Please see for up-to-date information on the Public Hearing.

Stay Informed About Coyote Creek

Anthem has submitted an application to the City of Surrey to amend the Official Community Plan and rezone/redevelop 7778, 7858 and 7902 152 Street. The proposed development site encompasses the portion of Eaglequest Golf Course that is located outside the boundaries of the Agricultural Land Reserve. The proposal includes a mixture of duplexes, townhomes, market rental apartments, neighbourhood serving retail and green space.


The proposed development site surrounds the Fortis Gas Works facility and is framed by 152 Street to the west, Sequoia Ridge Park to the north, existing Sequoia Ridge homes to the east, and the Eaglequest Golf Course to the south.